homesNneeds is an authorized distributor of BedVoyage products. These are 100% organic Rayon from bamboo linens that provide a healthy choice for your home as well as hotels, spas and doctor offices. In addition to offering them on our website, we are able to do bulk orders. Please email us for details on pricing of bulk orders

Surround yourself in luxurious hypoallergenic comfort with our sheets, pillowcases and blankets. Don't forget about the towels, you will never go back to cotton towels. Bundle your baby in our complete family of safe, luxurious hypoallergenic baby line.

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I am a clinical psychologist in private practice. I love BedVoyage sheets and duvet covers. The bamboo is very breathable and stays pretty dry during night sweats. It makes it easy to sleep well through the night. The sheets are very soft and always feel comfortable. Thank you!

Lisa Shaw, a Clinical Psychologist

Healthcare Review

My testimony is simple. I love coming home after a long shift and snuggling under your sheets. I work 8-12 hour days in an operating room on my feet and I am tired when I get home. Your sheets are cool, comfortable and incredibly soft wash after wash. They have helped me a lot with the beginnings of hormone changes and hot flashes. Thank you for making a wonderful product that my husband and I and both our boys will continue to sleep on for as long as we are able. The crib set for the baby and the blue twin set for the older one are fantastic and wash well.

Elizabeth Croy, BSN, RN, CNOR

Healthcare Review

I saw your request for a review from a health professional. I have your sheets, bath towels and travel blanket. I love all 3! They are all so soft and they last a really long time. I won’t use any other brand!

Brianna Benz

Just a quick note: thank you for such high-quality affordable bedding that feels luxurious AND is gentle to use for sensitive skin sufferers!! My family member has bad eczema and these sheets REALLY made a difference! They are anti-microbial and wash well!

Dr. Hanna, New Jersey

Over the years, I have suffered from allergies. Despite using non-allergenic pillows, and getting rid of all of the curtains and carpets in my bedroom, and vacuuming frequently, I still felt stuffy at night and woke up woozy in the mornings. I bought a set of your BedVoyage bamboo sheets last year and could immediately tell the difference. My breathing was better at night, and my stuffy nose was gone. They are the only sheets I will use now. Also, your sheets are the only sheets that haven't bothered my son's eczema. There is no pilling or rubbing, or that sandpaper feel he complained about with other sheets he's used. I have since bought a second set of sheets for each bed, so I can always have and extra one available. I count it as a health care expense and it is well worth it!
Your current and future customer.

Peggy Estela, RN

Good morning my name is Debbie Krecu. I originally discovered BedVoyage about 1 1/2 yrs ago at Costco in Dana Point. I had been searching for the perfect sheets and spent soooo much money and time and never found the right sheets until BedVoyage.
Some of the issues I found with other brands were the texture and for a menopausal woman having night sweats and hot flashes well let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep and my sheets would be soaked. But since I’ve been using BedVoyage I sleep better and rarely if ever have any issues with night sweats. I love these sheets so much I now own four pair of sheets, two duvet covers, three euro shams and two blankets. I plan to keep adding to my collection because I now have an RV and I will now be purchasing some for that. I’ve told many of my friends about BedVoyage.
Thank you for creating these beautiful products!!

Debbie Krecu

Patrick Rice, Manager of Hotel Operations

Un-Cruise Adventures Review

I am the Hotel Operations Manager for a cruise line operating 9 small vessels (between 22 and 88 guests each). I have been very impressed with BedVoyage. The service is impeccable. Sharon is responsive and sensitive to the unique needs and constraints we face with operating so many boats in so many far flung areas. This has at times included Sharon personally delivering linens to our office in order to get them air freighted out in time. They are responsive on email, allowing me to make decisions and get answers in a timely manner.

The quality and look of the sheets and coverlets is second to none. They are extraordinarily comfortable and beautiful. They hold up over time and repeated washings. I often travel for work and, regardless of the hotel I stay at, I crave the set of BedVoyage sheets that I personally use on my bed.

We continue to be pleased with the level of service and quality offered by BedVoyage. I encourage other operators to utilize them as well.

My life has come to a standstill!

I have a set of King White sheets, and they are literally the only sheets I've used since I got them. After 8 years of weekly washing, they finally started to wear out! My girlfriend bought a set of regular sheets a few years back after she moved in, I said nope, not happening lady. I've been using those backup cotton sheets since Friday, and I hate them. Your sheets are pretty high-end, usually way outside my pay grade but I can't live without them! MUST get a set of these sheets back in my life!

R. Swatelle

Love them!

The BedVoyage sheets are so soft and comfortable. My parents, brother, and I all have either the duvet or sheet set, and we love them! I've never slept in such wonderful sheets before. Not only are the sheets great, but the staff is friendly, too! Thanks so much for the awesome sheets!



I seriously think I've been spoiled beyond hope by these sheets. Everything else feels like sandpaper to me now, no matter highly rated they are on other sites. I'm not sure if this is a characteristic of all bamboo rayon or whether Bedvoyage just does a particularly good job of it. Either way, I feel I can confidently say you haven't truly lived until you've tried these sheets. I do wish the prices were a little lower but it's so worth the investment. I've had mine for 6 years now and they're still as good as the day I first got them. No pills, frays, holes, etc.


About a year ago I bought 3 duvet covers and pillow cases. Our spoiled bulldogs sleep on our bed every night so we have to wash the covers at least once a week. They come out beautifully when I wash them and hang them folded on the railing outside. No wrinkles ??I love this product! Just getting my next order ready.

Gary Doode

Villa Linda Mar Review

Our Eco-resort Villa Linda Mar opened two years ago and we have been using BedVoyage sheets and towels since the day we opened. We receive so many compliments from our guests about your products. They especially like the quality and absorbency of the towels. We have provided your website information to many guests so that they could buy your products for their own home. Your bamboo linens are the perfect product for an Eco-resort located in a tropical beachfront climate.

Linda Kuehl, Owner of Villa Linda Mar

Vision House, Community & Donor Relations

Thank you, BedVoyage, for providing linens and towels for the homeless families moving into Vision House. The first time a family walks into their apartment, there are usually tears of joy, relief and gratitude. New bed linens and towels are part of what help them on their first steps to healing…they begin to feel worthy of living in a nice place and having nice things. Your gifts lift their self-esteem and help them take another step in their journey to restoration and self-sufficiency.

Mary Burton, Director


Kayleigh Mallory, Purchasing Receiver

Salish Lodge Review

BedVoyage does not only have wonderful quality linen but excellent customer service.

We get custom sized sheets made that our guests love; they often call us a few days after their stay asking to purchase some of the sheets. They are of a very high quality, we have never thrown any away because they have deteriorated, only due to stains.

Sharon and her staff will bend over backwards to take care of their customers and that is a very rare quality in a company now a days. They are a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend this company and their products.

Sleep is a precious thing, and good sleep on amazing sheets is even better. I've always been a bit of a sheet snob, and because I'm constantly trying to find the best sheets I've ended up with so many sets that I could open a Bed and Breakfast and not have to buy any linens!

I’ve slept on Egyptian cotton, sateen, combed cotton, Italian linens, Pima cotton, high thread count, low thread count and everything in between. I like to think of my bed as a sanctuary and adore soft linens, which is why I'm all-ears when someone is talking about a new find. When I heard about bamboo sheets I was surprised because bamboo doesn't sound soft, it sounds stiff and tree-barkish. But again, always hunting, I bought a set from They arrived and looked so pretty, and felt silky smooth to the touch. I washed them as instructed in warm water and dried on medium, and when I pulled them out of the drier they were so soft that I just wanted to wrap them around myself and never take them off! I could barely wait to slip into my bamboo sheets that night, and was SHOCKED at how soft they were! I let out a huge contented sigh, and felt like I'd found the thing I'd been hoping and trying to find for years, and they drape so great it felt like by bed was hugging me.

When my husband came to bed later that night, I was woken up to "Whoa! What are these?” Now when a man actually notices what he’s sleeping on, THAT says something! And remember, he has been on this ride with me for some time, new and different sheets are something he’s used to. When I told him they were bamboo sheets he couldn’t believe it. He said "are you done?" I laughed and said "I think my hunt is over".

Besides the feel, I love many other things about them, I stay cooler when I'm overheating, but they're also not shiver-cold when I get into bed, like cotton. One of the main reasons I bought the linens is because I'd heard they're good for hot flashes, and I am there, darn it! But now no more tossing the covers off or adjusting the thermostat. I've been sleeping much more comfortably and I wake up feeling like I slept well, which is a big deal to me because I used to lose sleep from being too hot. And even better, when I perspire the sheets dry faster than cotton and they seem to stay fresher longer so I don't have to change the bed as often. If you can sleep cooler, drier and on the softest sheets you’ve ever felt, doesn’t that sound like a dream? It does to me. My hunt is over and I am so pleased with my bamboo sheets that I'm telling everyone I know!

Donna Dunligle

BedVoyage is simply superior.

I've used bamboo sheets and have sung it's wonders to my friends for years. I recently purchased another set from the same store, but didn't realize it was a different company - same price. I was so disappointed in the quality of the sheets. They are not soft, or cooling, and make a rustling kind of noise. I will be returning them and purchasing BedVoyage sheets which are simply superior.



Penny Bingham, The Maxwell House Review

The King bed in the Ravishing Rose Room has ivory sheets and the sage green
duvet. Bamboo linens are to the bed what gourmet food is to the kitchen.



I have all 3 of these on my bed. I absolutely love them. The coverlet is the perfect amount of cover is the summer. This company is amazing. There was a rip by my zipper that I noticed after a year. I e mailed and asked if they had been hearing about rips. They said no but they would replace the item. Now that's customer service.


Best sheets EVER!!

As others have said, the sheets feel stiff when first taking them out of the package and they should be washed prior to putting them on your bed. I did and after they were dry and on the bed- I was really happy. Very very soft, never hot or cold, pretty much perfect. The sheets are generously sized and though they may seem smaller after drying, they always relax a return to their original generous size. The real endorsement comes from my husband, who actually commented on their feel and size (first linens he has commented on) I'm replacing all of our linens as they age with these! p.s. Tried other "bamboo" sheets and these are the best!

Christa P.

Happy, happy!!

The BEST, BEST, and I'm a sheet elitist. If only I'd had them when I was having night sweats . . . I do have a sleeping companion who runs super-heated, though, so these are great for us, as I run cold!


NEVER another night w/o BAMBOO I LOVE my sheets so much they are so soft. They stay on my bed and are like sleeping on a cloud.
They don't wrinkle and just have gotten better with time.
I bought another brand thinking they would be comparable, they were AWFUL! they went right back to the store...
Only BedVoyage for Me

Vicky Ledbetter

I purchased my first set of these sheets while shopping at Costco in Reno, NV. I washed them following the directions before putting them on our bed. They feel sooooooo silky and luxurious. Since we have a very thick mattress and a thick gel pad on our bed, it's always a struggle putting the fitted sheet around it. But the fitted sheet fit perfectly. I just love them.
I have another set I purchased through another vendor, however, these sheets are far superior!!!


Soooo soft!!!

I purchased these sheets several months ago at a Costco road show. They are the softest sheets I have ever owned! They wash beautifully and are wrinkle free if you take out of the dryer when cycle is complete. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I also purchased the matching duvet.

Lesa Springer


I am a sheet snob!

Two years ago I need to purchase queen sheets and spoke with the gal at Costco and she won me over. Of course I washed them when I got home and was shocked that they were like cardboard out of the washer. Oh Boy! Then I pulled them out of the dryer shortly after and they were like silk. I purchase another set, so I would not have to be without. The more I washed, the better they were. WE moved and I switched beds around and got a king bed. I grabbed some Kirkland sheets. I was miserable. My teenage son, who has the queen bed and MY QUEEN SHEETS, comes to me on the first night and said. Wow, mom, those sheets are the BEST! A month later it was my birthday and I was treated to two sets of king bed sheets and I sleep like a princess. I never want to be without these sheets EVER. I love them. I also have the throw blanket I use when I watch TV, summer or winter its perfect. Don't change a thing. you are perfect. Peace and love.


I thought I would pick up a set of white Bedvoyage sheets at Costco. I thought that 130$ was a bit more than the Kirkland set that needed to be replaced. I washed them up and was instantly won over to the feel of these sheets. Five star quality. I couldn't be happier and am looking forward to switching all of my linens and towels over to Bedvoyage. Also, of all my years of buying bedding, and I have plenty of years, I have never found a set of sheets where the fitted sheet actually fits completely all the way around the mattress. That always annoys me. Not anymore. I love these sheets!!!!

Debra Putnam

We purchased two sets of these sheets 4 years ago (Ivory & Champagne) and WOW! They arrived silky-smooth, cool to the touch but warm underneath with a linen-like drape. I have experienced sheet sets like this and thought that I might as well enjoy the 'newness' while it lasted - however, the sheets retained their characteristics (smooth, cool to the touch, warm linen-like drape) but only became softer and softer with each wash! Very early on there was minimal pilling of the fabric but this resolved within 4 weeks (2 sheet changes each set).
I am now online buying 3 new King Sheet sets to replace our older 2 sets (which have lasted 4 plus years and are ready to be retired!)

Mike Zolkiewicz


We bought these almost 8 years ago at Costco and they are still going strong. We liked them so much we bought additional colors and don't use anything else on our bed. Yes, they are pricey, but we feel they are 100% worth the cost. Invest, you won't be sorry.

Kelly P.

I was hesitant about whether I would like the feel because the feel is what I love about sheets.
I bought some when I was in the US from Australia. I was looking at them and another woman told me she bought them and I wouldn't believe how beautiful they are. I figured it was worth a try and deeply regret not buying more. I haven't bought anything else in Australia since and am now going to seek them out in line or when back in the US.

Sally Hart

Just LOVE them! I received my set of sheets & duvet cover and they went straight from the UPS drivers hand to mine and then to the washer/dryer, followed by me putting them on my bed! Then I just slipped into the soft warm covers. Ahhhhh
They came at a perfect time as I live on the East Coast and we are having a snow storm. I must admit, they do make it easy to hit the snooze on the alarm for just a few more minutes to enjoy resting in comfort. Did I say, I just LOVE them!
I know all the customers that purchased them at the road show will feel the same!
Thanks for your great customer service!


I've heard from several people how great Bamboo sheets are. The trouble I had was not finding them, but getting the right price. Not only are they the real deal (not a bamboo cotton blend) but they price here is very compet**ive. The shipping was quick and easy as well.
I love the sheets, they get softer with every wash, and have not ripped, pilled or shrunk. I have never slept better in the winter or summer than on these sheets. I will be buying another set or two to continue the rotation!! I don't regret anything with BedVoyage.




A friend recommended bamboo sheets after my frequent complaints of waking up at night from being overheated. I absolutely love these sheets. My sleep is rarely interrupted from over heating during the night anymore. I have seen complaints from people with how much they wrinkle. They do wrinkle but I iron my pillow cases anyway. I also iron the top of the flat sheet as well. For me that is an extremely minor compromise for the comfort they offer me. As an experiment, I went back to my 500 TC cotton sheets and barely endured one night. Thank you for making such great bamboo sheets! I am sold on them.

Patricia Kulnel


Thank you for the exceptional customer service from you & BedVoyage. Everyone I spoke to was always courteous & helpful. I'm very impressed with the way my problem was handled. It's refreshing to see a company not only put out a great product but to carry through that finesse into their customer interactions. I will definitely consider BedVoyage for my future bedding & towel needs & be glad to make referrals.

Mary B.

Thank you BedVoyage! My daughter is a nationally ranked athlete and we travel all over the west coast for competitions as a family. My younger son suffers from severe eczema and highly bleached hotel bed sheets cause him to itch and severely scratch and damage his skin. BedVoyage is a godsend by virtue that we can bring them everywhere we travel conveniently, my son is guaranteed a peaceful night's sleep and the organic sheets do not irritate his skin. I would highly recommend these sheet sets for anyone whose skin breaks out easily!

Jill Hendrixon


My athletic, college freshman son suffers from athlete's foot and is definitely laundry challenged. Upon reading about the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo ­ I thought BedVoyage would make the perfect dorm room gift! Not only did my son's foot condition improve but his sheets don't smell because of the anti-microbial property, which stops odor-producing bacteria from growing in the fabric.

Anonymous, PA and Science Teacher!


Our memory foam mattress is very comfortable, but is very warm and woke me up continuously throughout the night which made me very tired during the day. I had heard about your sheets and found them at Costco almost a year ago. I was so excited to try them out I immediately put them on my bed the same day. Amazing! They are so soft and comfortable, but better than that I slept through the night and have ever since! Thank you!

Celeste, Tacoma, WA

A couple of years ago I was in the North Seattle Costco when your firm was represented with a road show. The price of the sheet sets gave me pause but for several reasons I chose to bite the bullet and bought one set of sheets. I never felt such comfort. So light, so wonderful. I was able to tolerate a top sheet on my body for the first time in years as it was that soft. I have Fibromyalgia and found that sleeping with just a VERY soft blanket over my body was about all I could tolerate at night. Even sheets with high thread count (600 to 800) were not something my body liked and my heels had worn holes in several of the fitted sheets. There were no words to describe the comfort in the sheets I bought from you all. So I had no 2nd thoughts about buying a second set the next time I saw your road show at Costco.

Renita Santee

Brandon, Phoenix AZ

I love my bamboo BedVoyage sheet set! I have washed them at least 20 times and they get softer and softer with each washing. I stay warm in them, but not hot. I don't have any other sheets for my bed at home and don't like to sleep in beds without them!!! I just purchased another set to travel with for business and pleasure.


Karla, Brier, WA

I cannot begin to tell you how much more dry I sleep, I create my own 'personal summers' and used to wake up drenched, not anymore! I don't even get so hot in the first place, so thank you BedVoyage for these incredible sheets!!!